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The 50 great books on education

Dennis Hayes, University of Derby I have often argued that I would not let any teacher into a school unless – as a minimum – they had read, carefully and well, the three great books on education: Plato’s Republic, Rousseau’s Émile and…

Open Schooling together

Open Schooling together is a collaboration between 7 European H2020-projects to spread the word about how schools, local communities, policy-makers, museums, sciences centers and other local stakeholders can rethink learning boundaries.…


Extract from: When the place matters: moving the classroom into a museum to re-design a public space; di G. Barzanò, F. Amenduni, G. Cutello, M. Lissoni, C. Pecorelli, R. Quarta, L. Raffio, C. Regazzini, E. Zacchilli, M. B. Ligorio (2020)

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Terms aims at providing a common understanding and clear definition of key terms related with Open Schooling.