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Open Schooling together

Open Schooling together is a collaboration between 7 European H2020-projects to spread the word about how schools, local communities, policy-makers, museums, sciences centers and other local stakeholders can rethink learning boundaries.…


Extract from: When the place matters: moving the classroom into a museum to re-design a public space; di G. Barzanò, F. Amenduni, G. Cutello, M. Lissoni, C. Pecorelli, R. Quarta, L. Raffio, C. Regazzini, E. Zacchilli, M. B. Ligorio (2020)

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Terms aims at providing a common understanding and clear definition of key terms related with Open Schooling.

Pupils in England and Wales head back to school

Pupils in England and Wales head back to school: how teachers feel about the return Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Charlotte Todd, Swansea University; Emily Marchant, Swansea University; Michaela James, Swansea University, and…

Yes, we’ve seen schools close.

Yes, we've seen schools close. But the evidence still shows kids are unlikely to catch or spread coronavirus Allen Cheng, Monash University Brunswick East Primary School and Keilor Views Primary School in Melbourne have temporarily…