Escola On (School On)

  •  Portugal, All regions of Portugal
  •   2020
Time frame
  • Continuous activity
  • Digital Technology
  • Formal Education
  • Non-Formal Education
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Training & Capacity Building
Level of Schools
  • Preschool
  • Primary School
  • Lower Secondary School
  • Upper Secondary School
  • Other
External Partners
  • Company
  • NGO
  • Public Authority
  • Museum
  • Parents Organisation
  • Other
Type of Schools
  • Public and private schools
Number of Schools involved
  • 140
Number of Schoolheads involved
  • 140
Number of Teachers involved
  • 1425
Number of Students involved
  • 31325
Number of Parents involved
  • 25000
Number of External Partners involved
  • 15
Short Description

“Escola On” has been very recently designed as a response to the needs of digital transformation of the Portuguese educational system and in the face of the current emergency situation caused by the pandemic. Tempos Brilhantes, as a partner of the Ministry of Education with direct intervention in 140 school clusters, created a digital solution to support schools and all elements of the educational community. The Online School reaches all students and promotes a cooperative learning environment that will enable educational communities to mitigate academic failure.


Our aim is to reach 812 school clusters in Portugal and, in a second phase, make it a worldwide inspiring practice.
Establish a meaningful and simple online connection between schools and their communities;
Help students and teachers to have a simple learning system to support teacher/student relationship online and get better learning results;
Motivate students to develop their skills and knowledge online valuing the role of the school in a better and brighter future.
Inspire and support new educational online practices.
Promote parent involvement in children's school success.


As said previously, Escola On has been launched this year, 2020, so it hasn’t yet achieved its long-term sustainability.


Collaborative Work - Schools can easily adopt the solution through an online registration. Because Escola On runs as a cloud solution, integration with existing software becomes possible and makes our system resilient and scalable.


Escola On is a recent practice developed to respond to an emergency of the educational system in Portugal. Although it is costless for schools at the moment, we can anticipate that the business model will continue to provide a free version with the basic features and will have additional modules that will have a cost (annually or monthly).


In our first two weeks we had 2500 students using our system for online classes. We currently have over 30000 students benefiting from our educational activities.


Escola On is a recent inspiring practice designed by Tempos Brilhantes to support our partners, over 150000 students and other schools in need, during this emergency situation caused by the pandemic.

As we develop the solution several participants (e.g. schools principals, teachers, educational psychologists, students, parents, universities) gave us a lot of inputs that are fundamental to improve the usability and the user experience.

Didactical Concept

Co-creation and cooperative learning.

The development of strategies that promote cooperative learning presents itself as an emerging methodology in order to enhance and develop cooperative attitudes and skills in children. This significantly facilitates the acquisition of new knowledge and skills essential to children's cognitive and social development. This methodology presents children as the main actors in the construction of their knowledge, in the exploration of new contents and culminates in a new attitude towards the act of learning.


Custom-made solutions for individual schools.
Personalized learning experiences tailored to student needs.
Mobile app.
Community involvement through an inclusive ecosystem.
Adaptability - Respecting the educational autonomy of each educational organization. Proximity - Allows the school to be present for its community just a click away.
Monitoring - Promotes the monitoring of organizational, curricular and pedagogical processes, encouraging school, educational and community success.
● Flexibility - Allows different forms of interaction between stakeholders, being able to incorporate existing tools and integrate new solutions, promoting academic success.


Escola On uses an iterative process, where continuous feedback from our partners is used to improve our system and adapt it to their needs.

Mutual Learning

Using Escola On, both students, teachers and all stakeholders can benefit from mutual learning opportunities. They can cooperate in projects, share good practices, join learning communities and several other mutual learning actions


Escola On will have an area for community resources where volunteers of all ages, local NGOs and companies and other local organisations can interact with schools. We believe school principals and teachers must activate significant experiences for their students promoting intergenerational activities and projects.


Escola On was designed to reach all students and promote a cooperative learning environment that will enable educational communities to mitigate academic failure.
In addition, Escola On presents a virtual room called the Multidisciplinary Team to support inclusive education. This space is dedicated to supporting and tutoring students with specific needs, promoting their well-being, inclusion and skill development. The schools' multidisciplinary team is made up of teachers, mentors and external education professionals who daily promote innovative and specific activities for each situation.
The main objectives are:
- Sensitize the educational community to inclusive education.
- Propose measures to support learning, to be mobilized in each identified case.
- Monitor the application of measures to support learning.
- Provide advice to teachers on the implementation of inclusive teaching practices.
- Define work groups, taking into account the specificity of the various situations.
For the specialized evaluation, the Team will appoint a special education teacher and technician(s) to be involved in the process. The purpose is to reach all students leaving no one left behind, that’s why the solution integrates a mobile App where students, teachers and parents as well as other stakeholders can use this technology anywhere and anytime in a simple and easy way. In Portugal, more than 99% of the students have a smartphone, so it is easy to reach all students and families.


We allow interdisciplinary work between the various school agents.
Tempos Brilhantes, having an action at the national level, continues to be a local partner for each school group, guaranteeing and promoting a close, continuous and permanent articulation, based on constant communication, monitoring and accompaniment.
To this end, it is composed of a vast multidisciplinary team, articulated and dedicated to ensuring the best accompaniment to each specific reality and context. We believe in network communication. Communication is a fundamental component for successful articulation, and network communication between the stakeholders of each educational community is essential.


We allow different segments of society to interact.


Escola On was designed to be an online cooperative learning environment representing the school of the future. Teachers, parents and several other educational agents come together to help students gain knowledge and develop their 21st century skills. With a diverse set of stakeholders working together, we aim to provide quality education for all children around the world and facilitate access to higher education.

Qualitative assessment Inclusiveness

Schools involve local agents to promote their academic curriculum.


Yes, the implementation team has weekly supervision and coaching sessions with a pedagogic manager that counts with the support of an advisory council in defining priorities for new features and helps create the future school now.
We are now inviting education experts from universities and other relevant organizations (e.g. Psychologists Order) and people to join our advisory council. We hope Oporto University will be our partner to improve universities relations with schools and their educational communities.

Digital Citizenship

There are several important contends that are being considerate to integrate Escola On like digital citizenship, gender equality, SDGs, cyber security, circular economy, climate change and other important issues , will come to life by having the cooperation of universities , professional associations, foundations, relevant companies and others designed by the school principals.

Cooperation Quality

All partners are directly involved in developing this solution to meet every stakeholder´s needs and create a new school through a technologic solution that will enable a hybrid learning system to be installed in every school to benefit children from preschool age to upper secondary and even university level.

Role of External Partners

Schools: Co-creation and co-implementation. Municipalities: Partners in asset creation and also users Parents Associations: Parent involvement.
Universities: Partners in knowledge transfer.
Companies: Sharing of educational values and content. Promote interaction between students and professionals from different sectors.
Non-profits: Non formal learning activities
Tempos Brilhantes, responding to the needs of digital transformation of the Portuguese educational system and in the face of the current emergency, as a partner of the Ministry of Education with direct intervention in 140 school clusters, created a digital solution to support schools and all elements of the educational community. We are building the Online School, in each school, in collaboration with each community, building a sustainable solution.
A technological solution for all elements of the educational community to be just a click away. From this integrative vision and the valorisation of communication / articulation between all elements of the educational communities and other partners that daily enrich and help to build the School of today and tomorrow. Escola On is a recent inspiring practice designed by Tempos Brilhantes to support our partners, and more than
150.000 students and other schools in need during this emergency situation caused by the pandemic. As we develop the solution, schools, teachers, psychologists, parents, universities, etc. gave us a lot of inputs to improve usability.

Institutional Learning

Escola On will be able to encourage schools to be learning organizations working together with its community and also with other organizations as partners or active contributors to the school educational project. We create a cooperative learning classroom where best practices can be disseminated within and between schools.


TEAM: Management Team; Technological Team (Design, Marketing…); Pedagogical Team; Operations Team;

Phase 1: Immediate Intervention
This phase started on the third of March.

Phase 2: Service Expansion / Customization
The second phase will correspond to the expansion of digital room services, in a contingent perspective, according to the needs of schools and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.

Phase 3: Reconfiguring the Future (Post-Covid-19)
Escola On provides for the expansion of functionalities with the aim of training schools and educational communities with benefits for all, and especially for children and young people. The distance dimension will continue to favour the promotion of academic success and quality education for all.

Thus, it contemplates the creation of integrated modules that will allow to simplify processes and maintain effective articulation, collaboration and cooperation between all elements of the school community.


Escola On has several feedback processes implemented. Thus, allowing us to measure effectiveness and progress.
We are also implementing a Q&A process to ensure we meet our high set of quality standards.