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The “Bildungsgrätzl” and the Vienna Children’s University are two networks in Vienna carrying out projects in the area of innovative education for children and teenagers with a strong perspective on the aspect of social inclusion. Although both networks follow similar purposes, there is no direct cooperation so far. The Local Education Cluster (LEC) Vienna will connect the two networks and will promote the establishment of a shared, sustainable and structural cooperation between the different actors.
The aim is to bridge the gap between different educational sectors (from primary to tertiary sector) alongside non-formal educational institutions. As an alliance in innovative science engagement activities, LEC Vienna will strengthen holistic, open and lifelong learning. It will bring science in the neighbourhoods and the perspectives of children and schools in the universities.
Vienna is the centre of research in Austria and is known as a city of culture(s). More than 70% of the children in schools have a migration background, accordingly Vienna is a super diverse city with rich resources of cultures and languages and diverse neighbouring areas called “Grätzl”. A Grätzl can be described as a part of a district, comparable to a “village in the city” with an own identity and an own attitude to life.
It is one of the major aims of Bildungsgrätzl to encourage the local formal and non-formal educational institutions to connect and cooperate with each other. Local context and differences play a special role for the LEC Vienna. Thanks to the distribution across all city districts, the Bildungsgrätzl reach all socio-economical classes and help decreasing barriers in the field of education. Bildungsgrätzl are organised locally and consist of a varying number of participating institutions. By now universities are rarely involved in Bildungsgrätzl activities. It becomes evident that the full potential of cooperation in the education sector has not yet been realized so far.
Due the structure of the Bildungsgrätzl, they are already pursuing the goal of open schooling without knowing. It is the aim of the LEC Vienna to connect the Bildungsgrätzl as a school network and the Vienna Children’s University as a university network in order to develop or, respectively, continue the development of a shared strategy for open schooling and to enable a mutual exchange of knowledge, starting from primary education until the tertiary sector.
With the creation of “school usability checks the LEC Vienna will raise awareness and a better understanding for the various needs of schools and supports open schooling initiatives for higher education and research organisations.
Our mission is to foster mutual learning and cross-sector cooperation from primary to tertiary education for science engagement and social inclusion in the City of Vienna.
Gudrun Müller
Thomas Troy
Cyril Dworsky
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