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The Trieste LEC starts from the existence of Trieste City of Knowledge (triesteconoscenza.it), the network promoted by the Trieste City Council, since 2007, joining local authorities, scientific and research and higher education institutions, located in Trieste, in order to foster dialogue among its players.
The Trieste LEC will create and make more widely available the opportunities that the various institutions organize and offer to schools.
Potentially each student will have the opportunity to interact more frequently with the institutions that produce knowledge, to be aware of what research means, to consider knowledge as a possible career, to be able to deepen one's interests on specific topics, to know scientists and experts personally by establishing an authentic relationship with them.
The Trieste LEC will be a truly open and barrier-free system of access to knowledge, based on the existing network of Trieste Città della Conoscenza and the effective contribution of schools, teachers, students, companies, associations, decision makers. The focus will be on inclusion at all levels and diversity. The Trieste LEC aims at having a positive and long-term impact on our community, promoting dialogue between science and society, as well as making the scientific community itself more cohesive.
The Trieste LEC will create an open system to access to culture and knowledge, where each student, individually or with the school, will have the opportunity to interact more frequently with institutions that produce knowledge, be aware of what it means to do research, consider knowledge as a possible career, be able to deepen their interests on specific topics, get to know personally female scientists and experts by establishing an authentic relationship with them. All this would contribute to increasing the science capital of our young citizens, creating accessible and non-intimidating role models, and making the dialogue between science and society more real, as well as making the scientific community itself more cohesive.
Going to school in Trieste should be significantly different from going to school anywhere else, thanks to the existence of the Trieste system of knowledge. The LEC aims precisely at this result.
Sissa Medialab
Simona Cerrato
Valentina Mengarelli Olga Puccioni Francesca Rizzato
Partner 1 (Lead): Sissa Medialab
Partner 2: Clic
Partner 3: SMAC school
Partner 4: Youth City Council CCRR
Partner 5: Istituto Nazionale Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale OGS
Partner 6: Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
Partner 7: Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico
Partner 8: Istituto Nazionale di Statistica ISTAT
Partner 9: National Institute of Nuclear Physics INFN – Trieste Section
Partner 10: Miramare Biosphere Reserve WWF
Partner 11: Istituto Comprensivo di via Commerciale
Partner 12: OggiScienza
Partner 13: Sistema Bibliotecario Giuliano
Partner 14: High school “Jožef Stefan”
Partner 15: SciFabLab
Partner 16: Istituto Officina dei Materiali – CNR
Partner 17: United World College Adriatic
Partner 18: INAF – Astronomical Observatory Trieste
Partner 19: Gruppo Pragma
Partner 20: Fondazione Lucchetta Ota D’Angelo Hrovatin
Partner 21: University of Trieste
Partner 22: TWAS The World Academy of Sciences
Partner 23: ICGEB - International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Partner 24: Istituto comprensivo “Giancarlo Roli”
Partner 25: High school “France Prešeren”
Partner 26: High school “Galileo Galilei”
Partner 27: High school "Guglielmo Oberdan"