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University of Porto will promote connections between many partners in order to develop an action plan among many schools based on the promotion of STEAM and Youth Entrepreneurship. Based on an inquiry approach we will highlight the importance and role of student’s questions from the perspective of either the learner, the teacher, the industry, the researcher, NGO activist, etc.
Beyond a process of meaningful inquiries a process of listening will be developed, focusing not only to the stakeholders answers to the questions, but also to the student’s ideas for solutions. Students will enroll in activities to promote creative thinking, or thinking how to innovate – as a crucial part of entrepreneurship education.
Awareness for science and research will be fostered by co-constructing the knowledge in a student-centered environment.
Porto LEC intends to promote school opening to society increasing the links between all the non-formal activities already being carried at schools and increasing the relevance of society and Junior Universities in students learning process.
Port LEC intends to develop connections between the University of Porto, schools, students’ families and professionals. These different publics will be placed in the same ecosystem, built upon the expertise of Junior University.
The LEC will provide students with challenging non-formal educational experiences to develop skills beyond the school. Students will present their ideas and questions based on their own perspectives and real needs of the community outside the schools, and will draw solutions through business ideas. Storytelling between students and market players, and inspirational talks with the integration of the third generation (families) will contribute to a wider perspective and accelerate curiosity and motivation. Curious and motivated minds to build something new and meaningful together with others will result in final projects presented to the community trough local and national connections, related with Youth Entrepreneurship.
Porto LEC aims to engage the participation of different publics in a joint effort of mutual learning. The promotion of schools opening to society will increase the connections between non-formal activities already being carried at schools and increasing the relevance of society and Junior Universities in students learning process. School environment will foster collaboration, mentoring and eventually provide learning opportunities and giving space to creativity and innovation. Students will understand how enterprises take advantage of the research and technological innovation outcomes and the importance of the scientific knowledge.
The LEC intends to put in the same framework different members of the school community for the benefit of all, as an example to follow in further non-formal educational experiences.
Joining experiences and curiosity connecting people in an innovative approach in non-formal education and trough storytelling and co-construction of knowledge.
University of Porto – Faculty of Sciences
Vítor Silva, University of Porto – Rectorate
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