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The main theme of the LEC is the labor market and competences of the future. In the continuously changing world, it is necessary to bring up the young generation aware of the need for the adaptation to current market needs.
This is equally important also from the perspective of young people in the context of exploring possibilities and opportunities existing on the labour market. Our tasks are directed to children, teachers and parents. We also invite companies, foundations and offices to cooperate.
The two main activities that we will implement, aiming to create and consolidate a local educational cluster are:
- children's conferences for children
- workshops for teachers.
Through these activities, we want to build a wide group of people interested in co-creating the LEC.
Our LEC is unique and innovative because the initiatives related to LEC activities are greatly in the children’s hands- pupils from Primary School no. 81 and volunteers of Children University are in charge of organizing the conferences on labour market needs.
The children themselves will have to contact the companies in the region obtaining the information on the employment requirements in the branches of industry widely represented in the region. The knowledge obtained by children from the companies will be documented. The children will also prepare a description on the market requirements, which will constitute an important project outcome.
Their tasks include planning the conference, starting with the content, selecting speakers, establishing contacts with companies, collecting materials, conducting surveys to technical preparation of the conference. That kind of tasks is definitely aimed at developing significant skills, students will not only have to acquire knowledge, but also demonstrate the competences they will talk about.
We hope that these activities will lead to development of the people involved and will be an excellent example for other students. We want to give children the opportunity to make decisions, make their own ideas come true, and learn from mistakes.
We want children to partially host our LEC and invite institutions, companies and foundations to cooperate and co-create the LEC. The organization of the conference is a pretext to act and deal with the topic of the labour market and education in our region. We hope that various entities invited by children and youth will be willing to get engaged in the further cooperation.
Be curious, be flexible, be updated - labor market will need you.
Anna Janicka, Children University
Joanna Gralak-Wójcik, City of Lodz
Anna Jurek, Spunk Foundation