Dilemmas in sustainability

  •  Germany, Goettingen
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Complexity and interdependence are central characteristics of sustainable development. Children aged 10 – 14 years in this TEMP learn about the sustainability goals. They discover in a playfully way, analyse theoretically, and get in practical touch with the conflicts coming along with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and their realization. They deal with the question of which competitions or dilemmas exist between the different sustainability goals. In this way, their tolerance and resilience in the face of ambivalence is strengthened in order to enhance young people's self-responsible engagement and to actively shape social transformation processes together.
The social sciences, humanities and cultural studies have played little or no role in the SDGs and their implementation to date. We believe it is important to change this in order to implement the SDGs not only in business, education and administration, but in the consciousness and everyday life of every human being The Partners of the TEMP develop teaching concepts bundling up the several experiences in conveying knowledge to a young audience and utilizing them to make mutual adaptation possible. The different approaches in terms of contents (environmental education/political education), organization (stationary/nomadic events) and teaching methods will be put into a relation, so the participants can benefit mutually from each others experience.
Children's scientific thinking is trained, i.e. the ability to find out, analyse and evaluate facts and come to a conclusion or decision based on facts and empirical evidence. In this way, children become more resistant to conspiracy theories. To achieve this goal, two children's universities, a political and ecological education institution and an NGO for education for sustainability will work together, combining humanities and social science, natural science and socio-cultural aspects to give each child the opportunity to learn about the SDGs in a playful way, to find their personal approach to dealing with the dilemmas of the SDGs and to find possible solutions.
Let the children learn about the SDGs in a playful way, understand conflicting goals and discover possible solutions!
Dr. Gilbert Heß
Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio Elladas
Grenzlandmuseum Eichsfeld e. V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung DGBNE e. V.
Georg Baumert, Grenzlandmuseum Eichsfeld e. V.
Dr. Gilbert Heß, Kinder-Uni Göttingen, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Voula Papagianni, Neaniko Pediko Panepistimio Elladas